Forest Wedding Decorations

Weddings tend to be the most festive and adorable events in the lives of most of us. With their flowers, pretty gowns and attires, food and atmosphere, a wedding requires the concentrated attention of a wedding planner and the couple.

Firstly, it is very important to search for the perfect location, a place that fits well the personality of the bride and groom and the overall attitude of the happening. Outdoor weddings have been the favorites of many couples and are known to be easier to decorate, not requiring certain standards or approaches. If our suggestions are not enough you can browse websites such as Brides or The Knot.

The forest is the place we will talk about in these next lines. Filled with magic, harmony and great decorating opportunities, this natural spot will allow you to create a real fantasy for the couple to go through.

Forest Wedding (Source:

Forest Wedding (Source:

Starting with the ceremony, a forest wedding can be very tasteful. You can create benches from logs and wood and embellish them with field flower bouquets and lots of ribbons, especially on colors such as pink, red and orange to contrast with the intense green that surrounds them. The aisle can be marked with candles and flower petals, while the altar is being adorned with paper origami birds or figurines hanging among blooms and tulle flowers.

Passing on to the next important moment of a wedding, the reception is the place and time to make a statement and go crazy.

The first suggestion is to make everything look like a fairytale. If the bride is wearing a princess cut gown, the decoration will seem more real. The centerpieces can be made out of large vases and if you want to save some money, you can get ones made out of plastic instead of expensive ceramics or glass. You should fill them with white and pink roses. The linens ought to be simple and containing only one r two colors, while the rest or the space should be left untouched, simple and very elegant.

Forest Wedding Ideas (Source:

Forest Wedding Ideas (Source:

If you don't want such a fancy event, you can opt for a more bohemian approach, with field flowers, shabby chic decorations and loads of fun. Hang long ribbons from the trees or paper lanterns with candles inside. Don't mix the two because everything can caught on fire. Choose colors that range from light greens to intense pinks and avoid too modern looking patterns. Old school flower patters are what you should be looking for when getting the linens and other covers. Even the centerpieces can have a very laid back and romantic feel to them. You can go for the classic vase filled with branches, roses or wheat, or you can create unique ensembles from various retro inspired objects.


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